The Art of Incense

This almost forgotten ritual, the Art of Incense, is aligned with the four ancient arts of the Orient: The Way of Tea, Ikebana & Calligraphy. Incense is an essential part of daily life to many indigenous cultures in the East - also in a different more primary way in the Americas, where it is connected to Amazonian Shamanism (as all of our cultures are Shamanic in origin). These arts & rituals are often rare to experience outside the country of origin, yet it has been the aim of the amazing Ume Incense to uncover these practices and share their discoveries. At Ume, they offer us healing tools to enrich our experience in daily life - aiding relaxation, calm and beauty.
The knowledge of plant medicine and incense-making has has been preserved by artisans, often displaced through much suppression. Ancient practices turned into secrets, exiled yet still somehow passed down through the ages. Learnt now largely by word of mouth as so much - almost all, was destroyed during turbulent times. So at Ume, they align with the collaborative philosophy of Made on Earth by Artisans to acknowledge this sharing of precious culture throughout time and a nod to the farmers who produce these precious plants in clean rural areas, away from the commerce crazed world at large.
Plants have the ability to recharge, calm and balance the system to reconnect you with your internal truth. Emma of Ume Incense has created their natural incense sticks & products to elevate health, strengthen the body’s natural healing process and to add divine natural fragrance to your daily rituals.
Made with holy natural ingredients that are primarily from the source - from the plant material itself - no essential oils, fillers, bamboo, perfumes or chemicals here. Pure natural plant materials are the way; the scent released from a smouldering stick healing body and soul on profound levels.
These natural incense blends are mood-enhancing as they are made using stress-relieving plants. A soothing element of natural living, they bring nature into your daily practices. Focus your mind in meditation to direct your energy positively, align with these plant essences to elevate your physical and emotional state. Allow plant wisdom to interact with your system, breathing in natural fragrance as a beautiful, realigning, energy medicine. 


1/ Light the very tip of your incense stick with a lighter or match. Be careful not to put too much of the incense stick into the flame, just the very tip,  so as not to make any part of the stick black. This is to get the best fragrance possible, while it is smouldering.

2/ The incense stick will start to smoke and the end will be red, as it burns steadily.

3/ Place the incense stick in an incense stick holder or incense bowl to catch the ash. There are many types of holder you could choose, see our holders page for the ones we recommend.

4/ Ensure the incense is at least two meters away from you and the room is well ventilated. Do not inhale the smoke directly. A window sill is a perfect place or above the fire place.

5/ Enjoy the scent of your chosen scent. The burn for approx 33 minutes, however if you just want a light scent in your room, or you have a small room, you may wish to turn off before. You may then turn the stick upside down in your holder and it will go out.

"I have bought quite different Incenses to try them out. Without much knowledge, I intuitively know this is the best incense. The white gentle smoke looks so pure, tranquil, serene and divine. It makes you feel very tranquil just by looking at them. While the other incenses will start with black smokes which clearly are not pure and smells can be strong too. Recently I met an Amazing Quantum Healing Master Ching-Wen Yang to ask him about the quality of these incenses without telling him the prices.  He confirms that this is the purest incense with high energy. The other brands I have bought are not worth to burn them. The bad incense will attract bad energy and good incense will attract good energy. Thank you for making such pure incense." - 

- Ying. Oxford, UK

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Beautiful words from the amazing Emma Leafe of Ume Incense, creatrix of our stunning blends and smudge sticks stocked here.

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