Our Story

Hi wonderful souls.
So happy for you to be here.
For those of you that don't know me, my name is Emma, a yoga + meditation teacher based, mainly, in the UK. I host retreats + events around the world to evoke a deep understanding of the essence of Sanctuary, so that time after time we are able to come back home to ourselves.
Maia (pronounced Mi-yah) was the name of my house growing up. My mum had had it added to our number 18, and now with my love of numerology, I know that even that number 1+8 was working it’s magic culminating in 9.
Maia carries a beautiful essence that unknowingly I’ve cultivated within all of my work + personal healing journey over the past decade. Across various translations it cultivates in the following - Maia meaning Mother and also Earth Goddess of the Springtime, representing rebirth, renewal and the planting of seeds. In some translations too it means ‘closest to Source’.
All of this woven together really represents my personal Highest Vision - to guide, support and hold other humans in their own unique light, truth + power, and help guide them to nurture + connect to their own inner pockets of sanctuary + light.
Combining the two essences together, Maia as the Divine Mother and with the inspiration of the feminine lunar qualities of the moon, Maia Moon was born.
I have a beautiful vision for Maia Moon and we are starting here with housing together some of my favourite wellness brands.
We have so much more to come. Can’t wait to grow with you.
Love Emma xo