Plannher Journal by Vienda Maria
Plannher Journal by Vienda Maria
Plannher Journal by Vienda Maria
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Plannher Journal by Vienda Maria

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We are so excited to stock this gorgeous creation by the amazing Vienda Maria, all of the words that accompany this, plus the photos are Viendas.

Plannher is a planner and journaling method to inspire clarity, trust, harmony, creativity and spiritual connection to self while setting meaningful and realistic goals, into your months, weeks, and days. The planner-and-journal-in-one offers high-level purpose practices to feel organised with a sense of direction.

Plannher is split into two parts: The Map and The Journey, to help you identify your authentic map to your unique journey while creating a life that is truly your own. This is no ordinary journaling method and planner. Plannher teaches you self-reflection tools, practices and approaches to bring your internal compass to the surface to guide your life.

Its focus is on expansion, growth and human potential. You learn how to journal. You learn how to use visioning, dreaming and creative inspiration to create your life. You get a physical touch-point that you can return home to day-by-day to actively be a conscious participant on your own path.

Plannher is timeless. It doesn’t start the year on January 1st. It starts when you want it to. Does your personal year start on your birthday? On the astrological new year? When you go back to school or start a new job? You get to decide and make the world work for you, on your personal timeline. I’ll show you how.


  • 22 x 16 x 3.5 cm (a smidge larger than A5)
  • Ethically produced in Europe
  • Linen-Bound Hardcover Book in Moss
  • 2 Satin ribbon bookmarks in gold
  • Gold-stamped logo
  • White FSC paper
  • 496 pages


  • A simple introduction to the Plannher method
  • Half planner (first half of book) ‘The Map’
  • Half journal (second half of book) ‘The Journey’
  • Moon phases, seasonal quarters + energy of the days of the week included

The Map

  • 2020 & 2021 at-a-glance moon calendar
  • Your daily non-negotiables list
  • Capsule wardrobe style guide
  • Plannher vision quest for the year ahead

Split into 4 quarters

  • Seasonal capsule wardrobe
  • Quarterly aims and dreams map
  • Monthly planning calendar
  • Intentional monthly to-do list
  • New moon intentions lists
  • Full moon reflections lists
  • Horizontal weekly spread
  • Weekly to-do list
  • Weekly gratitude section
  • Monthly money tracking
  • Yearly money tracking

The Journey

  • Dot grid pages for journaling
  • Inspiring quotes on intermittent pages

THE STORY (by Vienda)

Five years ago I began developing my own planning, organising and journaling system. I wanted to work with the feminine, natural flow of life — some structure, but not too much; aligned with nature’s cycles: the moon, and seasons — that allowed me to be both organised and in harmony with the lived experienced that is life. It clearly can’t be planned or controlled too precisely but rather requires a gentle framework to breath our experiences into and space to be expressed and evolve in.

Two years ago I wanted to share my unique process but found myself halted at every enquiry I made towards creating a book that would contain this. I let go and let it simmer in the background until mid-2019 when the call to move forward was impossible to ignore.

I spent 6 months researching bookbinders and printing houses that were committed to best environmental practices and both as ethical and local as possible. In early 2020, after many (many, many) false starts one of my email enquiries was answered by Alexander in Bulgaria, who specialises in printing production.

Alexander has a compelling life story, taking over his father’s business where he has worked since a little boy — who founded the company after the fall of communism when he was a struggling artist, with an eye for design, beauty and supporting artists — and is so genuinely kind and helpful I was so relieved to have finally found “the one”.

Ethically handcrafted in Bulgaria with FSC certified paper from Italy and organic linen hardcovers from Germany, minimally packed with 100% post-consumer waste, recyclable, biodegradable and plastic-free mailers, we hope you love and enjoy your plannher as much as all the love that’s been poured into the making of her.

Et voila! My dream became real.